I’m Michelle. I’m a hobby photographer trying to learn and improve every day.

I first studied photography back in the days when cameras had 35mm film for my GCSEs. It was a couple of years ago now! I didn’t pick up a camera again for 20 years.

Over the last nine years I have taken hundreds of photos of my dog, but just on my phone.

When my dog Tia reached the grand age of 12, I decided to get my old camera out. I took a few pictures of her with her cake and remembered how much I love taking photos!

Since then, I have invested in a ‘proper’ camera and a few lenses and I can often be found out and about with Tia, wellies on and camera in hand. I also volunteer for Pawprints Dog Rescue in Warwickshire, so I test my new ideas and camera skills on the dogs waiting to be adopted.

I will take photos of anyone’s dog. I don’t charge, and I don’t make any guarantees, but I will try my best to capture your four-legged friend. This is not a business for me, this is a way of raising money for local dog rescues, so any donations are gratefully received if you like the photos.

Photo by Andy Biggar